Reflections on this place is the personal website of John J. O’Keefe.  The domain name was inspired by the many mature burr oak trees that surround our house in the Ponca Hills near Omaha, Nebraska. The simple swing, which hangs from one stately branch, symbolizes the many things I love about this place.

For the most part this site is a repository of artifacts: family photos, travel logs, and creative projects. As such it will have little interest to the casual visitor.

This site also represents my effort to become a native here, even as I find myself traveling all over the world.  Burr oaks once populated the prairies like islands in a sea of grass.  The oldest oaks at “the oakswing” were saplings at the turn of the 19th century, when Willa Cather  was conceiving “My Antonia”.  Here they still stand, reminding those who visit of their own longing for rootedness and deep connection.

© John O'Keefe 2014